For some time now, the Splunk team at WeAre has been going and growing strong. With new and ongoing projects, we have been able to increase the number of Splunk professionals steadily and are looking to expand the team even more during the next year.

Splunk in WeAre started as a tool selected to be an integral part of solutions delivered to key customers. Little by little we also came to an understanding of its importance as a part of our professional services portfolio, and by being introduced to more and more Splunk minded customers through our internal networks, we have been slowly growing the Splunk business we now provide.

Our biggest customer today holds a Splunk license of 1TB / day. This is from the Splunk Cloud, with a Splunk Enterprise Security included in the stack. WeAre is currently providing the architecture and cloud operations and automation for the data ingestion and storage for all of the environment, which is built on top of AWS and heavily uses Terraform for the management of the infrastructure. In addition to this, there are a couple of other customers from different business areas, with whom we do daily business related to Splunk maintenance, planning and troubleshooting.

To keep things interesting, the projects include also shorter term assignments, in which we for example have upgraded Splunk environments or plan and implement different dashboards and reports, related to for example security events and fraud detection. As these environments are located on different types of platforms, ie. on-premise, Spunk Cloud or AWS VPC, the knowledge of running Splunk in various environments and their strengths & weaknesses, is essential, and, although there already is quite a bit of Splunk knowledge within the Splunk team, the different assignments often result in growing the knowledge as there is always that one thing you did not know before.

In addition to new Splunk projects currently in the pipeline, we will also be focusing on training both our senior and junior Splunk experts, with the target of partnering with Splunk as a Professional Services Provider Partner.

The current Splunk team at WeAre consists of 5 members, with joint experience in Splunk environments of 25+ years and the plan is to hire at least 1 more highly experienced Splunk expert this year. We have been planning, building, maintaining, troubleshooting and automating Splunk in various different assignments and have now teamed up to provide and share the knowledge in current and future customer projects.

So there are some really exciting things ahead of us in the world of Splunk in the near future. Want to know more about Splunk and what it can help you with? Don’t hesitate to contact!​